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Kefallonia is a relatively new, economical, important and modern destination. It incorporates considerable cultural resources and its human reserve has the special characteristics making the Kefallonians well-known in the whole world. Every part of the island is of remarkable natural beauty and beaches with sand, pebbles, rocks and light blue sea, easy accessibility and good services recompense the visitors completely.

Kefallonia caters for everyone. Tranquillity for those who ask for it. Nightlife for the lovers of entertainment. Unknown, secret places for all who yearn for exploring. Rich history and significant archeological finds for those who care for civilization. Abudant customs, legends and traditions for the following of Folklore. And above all, Kefallonia offers to anyone relax and gastronomical delight, pure beaches and lush surroundings plenty of sensational, picturesque and surprising views.
The quality of hospitality provided by the tourist enterprises is high. The shops offer good products and services. The restaurants and the tavernas provide a great variety of excellent food, local tastes, drinks and candies. The road network is sufficient. The public transport is quite frequent and in many places of the island there are offices on hiring cars and bikes. An international airport is situated near the capital and many harbours serve the wants of the travellers. The infrastructure is fine. The Main Hospital is in Argostoli and in some towns there are Health Centres.

The modern tourist face of Kefallonia is created by hospitality, cleanliness and safety and the island celebrates a rich mix of culture, a fine combination of unique pure nature, sea and sun, and high standard living conditions. Kefallonia is offered for wedding promises. Match the best moments of your life with the natural beauties, the culture, the joys and the security of our island that can offer you complete services and products especially for you, in order to leave you the best and sweetest memories.
That is why Kefallonia is the tourist choice of more and more visitors who, leaving the island, promise to themselves to return to again.


Getting Around the Island

There are many offices where you can rent cars and motorcycles to explore by your own Kefallonia. Ask in the Local Bus Service (KTEL, near the bridge) about the itineraries. There are local busses connecting Argostoli with the main villages, the tourist places, beaches and the airport. If you are not a driver, you can hire a taxi. Don’t forget that many fascinating places are inaccessible without a car.